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You'll find something fun to play in here. We've got 15 mini golf games that sizzle with excitement and a bowling game that feels like you are at a real bowling alley. And we also have pool and board games, including backgammon, checkers, chess, wahoo!, and yahtzee, with more quality games to come. You can play your favorite games by yourself for practice, or play against others in our multiplayer game rooms. Members can compete for player points in our free tournaments and leagues. Whatever your age, you'll find excitement, competition, and just plain fun playing your favorite games. So come on in, play totally for free some of the best online games, and enjoy the many other free features of our site.

Games Play Games

No hurry to register for membership, just start playing as our guest and play for an unlimited number of times. In mini golf, bowling, and yahtzee, you play for a good score. But it is win or lose in wahoo! and checkers, so solo play is against the computer and some artificial intelligence. Don't worry; the computer is not that smart, but it will try to give you a good game.

Tournaments Compete in Contests

We always have mini golf and bowling tournaments going on. As you sign up for tournament play and start posting rounds, watch your name move up the leaderboard on the Tournament page. Chat with your friends in the Chat Box as you battle for the lead. The results of all mini golf and bowling tournaments are recorded and summarized in the player Records, Recap, and Rankings pages. Players are ranked on their play.

League play is even more fun, and there is a better chance of winning. You can meet and chat with new friends around the world. League play starts up 4 times each year (around the beginning of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall) and runs for 10 weeks, with scoring either cummulative or rotisserie. Leagues are played on Tuesdays and Fridays, and all members are eligible to enter.

Multiplayer Play Multiplayer Games

Our multiplayer mini golf games let up to 4 players play together on different computers. Our other multiplayer games include bowling, pool, backgammon, checkers, chess, wahoo!, and yahtzee. Chat boxes are right there in the games for players to banter back and forth during play. It is a great place to play and compete with friends all over the world.

Private Messaging Send Private Messages

Our messaging system allows players to privately send messages to one another. Click on any player in the welcome line, and you can send an immediate message to any player. That player will see the message and can respond at his or her convenience. We do not guarantee that the player will respond but we can assure you the player will see your message.






Mini golf games include 15 courses with 5 different green speeds. All courses can be played in multiplayer with up to 4 players. Tournaments and leagues.

Our bowling game includes solo practice, tournament play, and multiplayer.

Pool includes both 8-ball and 9-ball games, where 1 or 2 players can play on the same computer, and multiplayer.

Backgammon and chess include 1 or 2 players on the same computer, and multiplayer.

Checkers is solo play against the computer, and multiplayer.

Wahoo! includes solo play against the computer, 2-player multiplayer, and 4-player multiplayer partners.

Yahtzee includes solo play and multiplayer.

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